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It is our goal to help you, achieving yours again


... at the Webpage of Drost Chiropractic.



With the opening of our new clinic is now also a graduated chiropractor based in the area of "Oberallgäu".


Many people have an unclear idea what Chiropractic entails and how it may help you. Various views, perceptions and unfortunately some prejudices still exist with regards to chiropractic treatments. You wonder, which Symptoms are treatable, what exactely happens in a treatment session and whether chiropractic is right for you?


These and more we would like to clarify on the next pages. Should you still be unsure, are we very happy to personally provide you with more information

 on 08322 300 4321 or during a free advisory consultation.



… meaning done by hand, is based on the ground principle that the body can heal itself when the skeletal system is correctly aligned and the nervous system is functioning properly.

Specialising in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions caused by mechanical dysfunction and joint restriction and their effects on the nervous system and general health, it emphasizes manual techniques, most often involving spinal adjustments or joint and soft tissue manipulations.

This not only restores normal function, but also improves mobility, relieves pain and muscle spasm, alleviates inflammation, decreases spinal stress and degeneration and improves posture.

Wichart Drost


... was born and raised in The Netherlands, where he in 2002 graduated with a BSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Utrecht.

He then moved on to work at a large private clinic in Austria, treating a wide range of musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders as well as offering post operative and sports rehabilitation.

His special interest in manipulative techniques lead him to start a 4 year full-time course at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth (UK), obtaining a Masters degree in 2008. He became an Associate-Chiropractor at the "One-Stop-Clinic" in Southampton and Portsmouth, which specialise in the integration of physiotherapy and chiropractic Care, whilst finishing the required training for his D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) at the College of Chiropractors.

In 2010 he was additionally offered a junior partnership of “BWT Physiotherapy and Healthcare”, founding and successfully co-managing a new satellite clinic in Bournemouth.

Longing for the outdoor life in the alpine mountains, he moved his family in 2013 to Oberstdorf, opening DROST-Chiropraktik only 2 years later.

We offer you:

  • Competent Consultation

  • Thorough Examination

  • Cause-orientated Diagnosis

  • Targeted and individual Treatment

  • Education

  • Prevention and Screening

  • Free Spinal Checks

Video - Chiropractic and subluxations